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Securing investment after the community experiences broken water or sewer line mains or feels the effects of water supply shortages is clearly not acceptable and not conducive to a positive image for utilities. To secure investment even when things are going well, utilities need to be clear about the value they provide and they must show they can be trusted.

Through many years of trial and error, marketers have discovered that the most effective and efficient way to communicate value and build trust is through the process of branding. Branding is simply making sure that your potential customers or your important audiences know what they can "count on" from your products or organization.

Branding is powerful because it understands and embraces human nature. It recognizes that simple perceptions drive people's decisions. The truth is that people, products, and organizations are constantly being branded whether they realize it or not and whether they have a branding strategy or not.

These brands (or judgments) have profound impacts on the behavior of customers.

If people want to drive the safest car on the planet, they typically put Volvo high on their list of prospects. If they want reliability and economy, they may pick Toyota over Volvo. When a loyal customer of Starbucks walks into a store, they know what to expect, including a variety of premium coffee drinks, coffee paraphernalia, and a pleasing atmosphere. That's branding. It's what gets people's attention, attracts the dollars, determines price, and what drives corporate success.

People know that an adequate water supply is crucial to a community's prosperity and quality of life. They know water is valuable. But what can customers expect, or count on, from their local utility, and what price should they pay for water, public health, and protecting the environment in their region?

Utility branding can provide the answers.


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