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Municipal Drinking Water

In recent years, the emergence of bottled water and point-of-use treatment systems has introduced an interesting branding dilemma for water utilities.

These products and the publicity that accompanies them have negatively affected the brand of municipal water and water utilities. However, just because these products have impacted the brand does not mean that they are competitors. The important issue is that water utilities have not proactively built their own brands.

Municipal water is an extremely valuable product, and people instinctively understand its value even if they take it for granted. People do not have to think hard or long to accept that "when the power goes out you light the candles, and when the water goes out you move out."

The public needs to understand the value of the service provided by the municipal water utility. Many individuals do not know what price should be assigned to water in order to support investments in new water infrastructure. A high-quality municipal water system is necessary to ensure a high quality of life.

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