Defining the Brand of Water and Wastewater Utilities


The water or wastewater utility brand is a list of meaningful commitments that address the important roles and values and define what you can count on from the organization. These roles and values typically fall into the following categories:

  • Planning and Investing in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Water Service Reliability
  • Water Quality
  • Public Health
  • Environmental Stewardship/Leadership
  • Efficiency
  • Rates and Finances
  • Customer Service
  • Communications

An example of a commitment statement would be "Metropolis Water is committed to sound planning and appropriately investing in water resources and infrastructure." This is an overarching value statement that conveys the importance of planning and investment in ensuring quality of life for the community.

Because many utilities are public agencies, the brand must address the value provided to customers and the issues that are important to the community as shareholders and investors in the water system.

The final form and emphasis of the brand will depend on the utility's regional roles, industry leadership, and cultural strengths. People know what they can expect when they enter a Burger King or a favorite hotel chain. What can they expect from their water utility?


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