Bottled Water

Bottled water is packaged differently and has different uses and value than municipal water. Water utility executives may complain about how much more expensive bottled water is than tap water and about the "unscrupulous" practices of bottled-water companies, but these laments are of little use.

Bottled water is a different product, and a heavily branded product, so it will have a different price. Comparing municipal water to bottled water can confuse the customer and hides or diminishes the value of municipal water.

Municipal water is a unique and valuable product that is delivered to homes and businesses through an impressive water system. It is critical to people's quality of life for many reasons.

Comparing municipal water to bottled water focuses attention on the features of bottled water, which are taste and portability, neither of which are primary features of municipal water as delivered to the customer.

Municipal Water Can't Compete with Bottled Water

It is difficult to compete with someone on their turf.

In general, bottled water will taste better than municipal water extracted from a tap because bottled water did not have to go through a large distribution system and does not need residual chlorine to keep it disinfected.

Bottled water is designed for taste, portability, and marketed to encourage people to feel that they are doing something good for their health. Municipal water is a unique and valuable product designed for in-home delivery, protecting public health, and a variety of uses.

These are different products with different value propositions.


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