Water and Wastewater Agencies

The following case studies are examples of branding strategies implemented at water or wastewater agencies.


  • West Basin Municipal Water District Case Study

    This 2-page (518 KB) case study illustrates the efforts of West Basin Municipal Water District (Carson, California) to define their brand and integrate it into all decisions and communications.   Prepared September 2008.

  • Tucson Water Branding Case Study                               

    This 4-page (87 KB) case study addresses how Tucson Water (Arizona) made use of its brand as the framework for its 2007 business plan.  Prepared July 2008.

  • Orange County Water District Branding Case Study

    This 1-page (2 MB file) case study highlights OCWD's efforts to communicate its reputation as the provider of reliable, low-cost, high-quality groundwater in Orange County, California.  Prepared April 2008.


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